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Increase Penile Length
Correct Peyronie’s Disease
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Enhance Erection Quality
Improve Self-Esteem

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By providing patients with a method to treat urological conditions which does not require a visit to the hospital, a higher success rate has shown. Men can lose their quality of life and self esteem very easily and Phallosan has a proven method to restore this. By using a unique vacuum technology the patient is able to wear the device for up to 9 hours per day and it can even be worn while sleeping.

Phallosan has undergone a clinic study at a German urological clinic involving 26 patients over a 6 month period. Measurements where taken before during and after the study for a number of conditions. At the conclusion of the study the average of the patients length had shown a significant increase. Patients with Peyronies disease also showed a significant reduction in curvature at the end of the clinical trial.

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